arable farming

The Hodgson family farm 280 hectares of land 13 miles east of Hull in East Yorkshire, England.

We are proud to produce a diverse range of crops, while implementing regenerative farming practices, and caring for the environment.

I M Hodgson farm
British Farming Awards silver winner 2022
The Northern Farmer Awards 2023 winner
I M Hodgson farm east yorkshire

Our Ethos

Our soils are the most important asset we have, and we believe we need to make sure we care for our land.

Our aim is to implement innovative farm practices that will enable us to produce food and products with minimal impact to our soils and the environment, and reverse the damage caused by previous intensive methods through a ‘regenerative farming’ approach.

We believe not only that this is the right thing to do for future generations, but also that our customers benefit from the higher quality, more sustainably managed crops that we grow.

About Us

The Hodgson family have been farmers since 1925 – through the decades we have seen farming practices change a lot, and we are proud to be part of the new generation who are focused on sustainability, regeneration, and protecting our soils for the future.

Our farm is run by Jonathan Hodgson, great-grandson of Ida Mary Hodgson who introduced the family to farming all those years ago.